Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ambrose Admits the Truth

The Kyoto Protocol is being used to divide Canada, Environment Minister Rona Ambrose told the UN Climate Conference today

Yes by Ambrose and the Harpocrites. Of course thats not what she said.


Rona Ambrose


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Calvin Jones said...

I have just put up a post with a series of links to the best blogs that i have found covering the Nairobi climate talks.

I think some of these may be of interest. If you have any additions then let me know and I will append them.

It is my intention that this post serves as a hub for blog coverage of the talks, if you would like to link to the post that would be great. Many of these blogs are new and therefore difficult to find through technorati/google blog search, and I think there is some value in highlighting blogs that are from rather than mearly about the events unfolding.

Calvin Jones