Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Well we are stunned too. This is ridiculous. As ridiculous as believing that Karla Homolka is NOT a killer.

Lynnette Traverse listened in stunned disbelief yesterday as a Manitoba judge told her she would be free in a matter of hours despite having been convicted of one the province's most shocking sex crimes.

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Mike said...

I can't imagine a better candidate for dangerous offender designation.

So the questions now are:

1) Will the Crown appeal this ridiculous sentence?
2) Will they start proceedings to have both designated dangerous offenders?

Of course, I would like to read the actual trial summaries and not rely on the Mop and Pail for the facts, since they have a bias.

Man, nothing like handing the Cons ammunition. Its almost like it was done on purpose....

eugene plawiuk said...

If I was into conspiracy theories I would think the last two judgements this week, including the one in Edmonton which put three guys who were charged with manslaughter were put under house arrest were just that. No Justice

However the problem is systemic.

Despite cop shows like CSI and Cold Case, thorough police investigations are a myth, they look for easy answers thus shortchanging the prosecution of the evidence required to get a tought sentence, with this lack of evidence the judge has no choice but to sentence within the parameters of leniancy rather than severity.

Without evidence charges like those in the Shane Rolston case get tossed out. In fact they could not even prove second degree murder, nor identify who actually killed Shane. So they settled for a confession from one kid and charged him with manslaughter, and even then he may not have been the person who actually did kill Shane. The others get off on assault charges.

Its all about evidence, something the right wing does not accept, it would prefer to go to trial on the Napoleonic code in a Star Chamber fashion, you are guilty until proved innocent.

That is a far graver injustice.