Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Iraq Inspector General

The rebuilding of Iraq is a case of corporate fraud extrodinare.

If it was a comedy it would be starring Danny Kaye.

Unfortunately like the failed reconstruction in Afghanistan, and after Katerina when it comes to nation building, America is better at nation destruction than reconstruction as today's PBS Newshour reports (transcript available tommorow)

The news remains business as usual for American crony capitalism in the rip off that is Iraq reconstruction.

Little scrutiny for firms in Iraq

Iraq's health care a shambles

Pentagon lacks independent watchdog

year after these reports;

Inspector General Report Confirms Iraq Reconstruction Still Failing

US inspector general for Iraq paints 'grim' picture of reconstruction effort

Report to Congress says problems exacerbated by lack of cooperation between State Department, Pentagon.

Reconstruction is just War profiteering by any other name.

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