Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Conservative State Capitalism

Andrew a stalwart conservative is shocked, shocked I say, that the New Canadian Government is acting just like the last Canadian Government. The Harpocrites will continue to hand out taxpayer monies to Bombardier Inc.

Corporate Welfare, Conservative Style
15-11-06, 8:14 am @ Bound By Gravity
Stephen Harper's government continues to disappoint...

What right wing idealist ideologues fail to understand is that Canada's capitalist system is not laissez faire but a state capitalist economy, always has been always will be. Especially in Quebec. State Capitalism Quebec Style

Its what we call a mixed economy, to use Ed Broadbents phrase, a mix of private investment and taxpayer subsidization of capitalism. Whether that is done directly as in subsidies, indirectly as in increasing military purchases, or through P3's. It is all still state-capitalism. Or socialism for the rich as my pal Larry Gambone calls it.

It is the historic nature of post WWI capitalism. The concept of a free market is a myth. So get over it.


Corporate Welfare Bums

Plundering Tax Payers

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