Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Conspiracy Theory of the Week

Oh this is too good to pass up passing on.

Was Aleister Crowley Barbara Bush's Daddy?

After all her son thinks God talks to him.....Could such a delusion be because he is the grandson of the Great Beast...

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Silence or Sign of Harpocrates (0=0):
Heels together, with feet at 90 degree angle
Left foot points forward
Left arm hangs at side
Right index finger or thumb is held to lips

The following sequence of actions is recommended for the output of godly form:

1. Shut eyes. By internal sight again you will be connected by several instants with the godly form, which you previously accepted. Create the means of deity, who wraps your sensual sphere (aura) again. You will turn attention to all details, colors and other special features of godly form.

2. Make one step back, leaving from the means. Making this, cease to identify itself with the godly form completely, after separating itself from the means.

3. Make a sign of silence, and remain in this position, until you scatter means. Again represent god, who is raised before you, by internal sight. Slowly visualize, as godly form gradually it is scattered and grows dim, until finally it disappears.

The Golden Dawn insisted that the sign of silence should always follow the sign of the enterer. Like the enterer there is no single way of performing the sign of silence. One may use a finger of either the right or left hand, the right hand shows the violent action of Geburah, while the left hand indicates the more passive force of Chesed. Thus if one wishes to withdraw oneself from contact with external powers one uses the left hand, while if one wishes to cast these forces away from oneself one uses the right hand. A perfect example of this second form of activity can be seen in the opening of Liber XXV: The Star Ruby in which the operator casts down his right forefinger from his lips, crying "Apo pantos Cacodaimonos." The choice of the forefinger her symbolizes the powers of water and thus lethargy, and this is appropriate for this operation as one is moving from inaction to action. More generally in performing the sign of silence either the thumb should be used to show the forces of spirit, or the forefinger as it’s watery nature is consonant with the nature of Hoor-Par-Kraat. As with the enterer the elemental attributions of the fingers can be used for more specific applications of the sign, however they can require a certain degree of manual dexterity on the part of the operator.

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By the exercise of the Four Powers of the Sphinx, the Adept attains the Fifth Power, the indwelling of Spirit and the realization of the god within. Eliphas Lèvi came to a similar conclusion in The Great Secret:

“The great secret of magic, the unique and incommunicable Arcana, has for its purpose the placing of supernatural power at the service of the human will in some way.
To attain such an achievement it is necessary to KNOW what has to be done, to WILL what is required, to DARE what must be attempted and to KEEP SILENT with discernment."





Conspiracy Theories


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