Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Have PhD Drive Cab

Another example from the work of Herr Doctor Marx; the reserve army of the unemployed.....capitalism requires cheap labour and the state cannot do anything about it except continue to provide it.

Income levels of new Canadian immigrants did not improve after 2000 even though they were better educated and more skilled than people coming to the country a decade earlier, Statistics Canada reported Tuesday. The report found the large increase in education of new immigrants and a policy shift that prefers the skilled class immigrant had only a small impact on improving new immigrant income levels.

Here we have a vast reserve army of skilled value added workers who are underemployed and unemployed and yet Canadian capitalists and the state continue to demand that they need skilled labour as temporary workers.....






Marx Was Right

The Soviet Union Capitalism's Bulwark

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1 comment:

Red Jenny said...

That's why the good old right-wing policy (diguised as "liberal") of lifting people out of poverty through education is so misguided. Not that there's anything wrong with education, but if the whole work force is highly educated, all you get is brain surgeons driving cabs and mathematicians serving coffee.