Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Vista Expensive Excuse To Upgrade

Vista, Microsofts new flawed operating system is an expensive memory hog. Which means that you will have to get a new computer to operate it. Clever marketing ploy that. So just wait a couple of years and the next computer you buy will be powerful enough to have Vista installed on it.






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1 comment:

Werner said...

There are a few ways to deal with PsychoBilly and Micro$oft. I stay with older versions of Windows like 98SE which MS doesn't really care about anymore,so it's easier to copy or upgrade. Memory requirements are also more reasonable. I've noticed at work we seem to be getting some "nanny" crap from MS on our XP machines. For example I get the odd notice that the loaded version of XP "service pack two" is not"recognized" by WinXP on my office machine. I suspect this is another bug resulting from bogus attempts by MS to trace piracy. A better alternative is Linux and I plan to transfer over on my next hardware upgrade. I'm considering a dualboot system although it's better to go with a single drive for each OS rather than trying to partition.