Wednesday, January 09, 2008

My Name Is Ed

It appears fellow blogger Daveberta is being threatened with legal action because he owns the internet domain I got an email from him about his plight.

The Premiers lawyers want him to give up this publicly licensed name which he bought. I mean they could have bought it had they been more internet savvy. You would think they would have at least searched Eddies name on the net to make sure he had all those possible sites with his name in it. Like, or, or or or....well you get my meaning. I mean its not like the Premier doesn't have his own Ed Stelmach page, he does.

But this headline is funny;
Law firm says blogger stole Stelmach's personality Really he has a personality? Could have fooled me.

Alberta premier threatens to sue over domain name

How come Ed's lawyers they didn't sue San Fransisco stores when they used the Premiers Face on a French Maid body poster for their Halloween Store Ads?

Ed better hire better lawyers, someone familiar with internet law, or the lawless internet. There are all sorts of political sites that have names of politicians that are not those politicians home pages but sites that attack them. Remember the successful site; Paul Martin Time. Yep nothing the PM could do about that attack site at the time and there is nothing Ed can do about Dave's site.

H/T to Saskboy


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Ken Chapman said...

This is not as funny as Mercer's send up of Stockwell Day and the spoof to change his name to Doris Day - but is it is right up there.

eugene plawiuk said...

Actually Mercer couldn't write a better satire piece if he tried. This is just too funny.

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

Not meaning to defend a worthless liberal like Ed Stelmach here, but just because some other sites didn't go after attack sites with similar domain names doesn't necessarily mean that Stelmach couldn't/wouldn't be successful. Whether its in court or in a CIRA hearing, Stelmach may yet come through the winner.

mezamashii said...

That French maid poster was funny. Whether or not Ed wins, Daveberta will still lose- his pocketbook will be drained by legal fees. Drowning people with legal costs (or fear of the cost) is just another way the rich elite maintain their power.