Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The origin of CLAC?

Dutch Emigres from Collaborationist Regime Create CLAC

A point I have wanted to make about CLAC, Christian Labour Assoc. of Canada, in my previous article, is that the origin of their organization is Dutch DP's, displaced peoples who emigrated to Canada after the Second World War.

Holland, which is now an extremely libertarian country, during WWII was a collaborationist country, a fact overlooked by many. While the Vicy government of France has been severely criticized for its collaboration, including internal investigations and trials, the same cannot be said for wartime Holland and the Dutch collaborationists.

There has been less discussion about the collobrationist politics of the Dutch during WWII. They too were occupied by the Nazi's in 1940 as were other sections of Northern Europre in preparation for the Battle of Britain.

Holland was liberated this week sixty years ago by Canadian Forces, my father was a Security Intelligence officer with the Canadian Army as they pressed into Holland during the D-Day operations. He had fond memories of the liberation of Holland, and of the Dutch peoples.

The Dutch, as did the French and other Northern European citizens, created resistance cells against the Nazi's. But the majority of the Dutch were under collaborationist rule. The result was the deportation of 70% of Hollands Jews to death camps, including the famous Anne Frank.

After WWII Canada and the US became a haven for collaborationsts as Cold War allies against the Soviets. The DP policy adopted by both countries aided and abetted the collaborationists in their exit from Europe.

Like operation Odessa by the Catholic Church, and the CIA extraction of General Gehlen of the SS intelligence service Russian division, the immigration policies of both countries favoured the collaborationist emigre's.

Canada and the US became home to the displaced Ukrainina fascists of the Ukrainian National Army UNO, who collaborated with the Nazi's, and went on the create the World Anti-Bolshevik League now known as the World Anti-Communist League, home of wayward fascists.

Fascists always defend their politics as 'anti-communism'.

CLAC founded in 1954, took advantage of the red scare to hide its collaborationist origins behind the mask of anti-communism at the height of the Cold War.

Notorious deportation camp remembered

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (CP) - Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende criticized his country's collaboration with its Nazi occupiers during the Second World War on Tuesday, shortly before commemorating the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the country's main deportation camp.
Balkenende said government authorities at the time "worked on the horrible process whereby Jews were stripped of their rights," Dutch public broadcaster NOS reported.
Thousands of survivors, soldiers and students gathered for a solemn ceremony at Westerbork camp, in the eastern Dutch countryside, where Jews and others considered enemies of the Nazi regime were detained before being deported to death camps in Poland and Germany.
Westerbork was liberated by Canadian troops, and 876 prisoners were freed. Members of the South Saskatchewan Regiment and the 8th Reconnaissance Regiment rolled into the camp April 12, 1945, releasing the inmates.
Many of those present Tuesday laid flowers at the camp's memorial - a short length of railroad tracks with one end twisted up skyward.
"It's a wonder that I exist," said Eveline Hertzberger, whose grandparents were interned at Westerbork.
She said she and other descendants of survivors were living proof that the Nazis had failed. "We're still here. The suffering wasn't for nothing. We bring honour to our history and our race."
More than 100,000 Dutch Jews - 70 per cent of the country's Jewish community - were deported from the Netherlands after Germany occupied the country in May 1940, with the efficient help of Dutch authorities.
Westerbork was run with minimal guidance from the Nazis; Dutch policemen handled security and a council of internees determined who was selected for deportation.
Most Dutch victims of the Holocaust, including the German-born teenage diarist Anne Frank, were held temporarily at the camp, 160 kilometres northeast of Amsterdam and not far from the German border. It was destroyed after the war.
Deportees were sent to death camps in Germany and Poland and most died in gas chambers, among the six million Jewish victims of the Nazi genocide. Frank died in Germany of typhus.


Larry Gambone said...

Well, damn! You really do learn something new every day. I didn't know the Dutch were as highly collabo as that. A bit of history that has been hidden from us. But now it makes sense to me why just about every Dutch immigrant I ran into back in the 1960s was a right-wing religious nut. So CLAC is a lot like the French NF, in its roots in pro-Nazi collabos.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, as someone who supports and there principals I find this highly unlikely, seeing as my family (dutch background) hid a jewish family in there home during the war. You might want to do some better research!!

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