Wednesday, July 20, 2005

100 years of the Avante-Garde 1905-2005

One hundred years ago in Zurich; Lenin, Tristan Tzara and James Joyce were in exile, drinking coffee in cafes, and writing.

Einstein published his General Theory of Relativity, workers in Russia called a General Strike and organized workers councils for the first time.

It was the birth of Modernism.

And I celebrate this movement with a cut and paste of the avante-garde manifestos that have influenced the 20th century.

Dada, Surrealism and Situationism, and their children the post modernists, were not just "Art" movements but movements that embraced revolution and revolutionary aims in Art and Society.

Since it is to long to blog you can download it at:

100 years of the Avante-Garde 1905-2005.doc

You will also find both a word doc and pdf

of Gothic Capitalism my six part essay originally posted here.

Both these files are large; Avante-Garde and Goth Capitalism are 2mb.

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