Thursday, July 28, 2005

Warren Kinsella Moves Right

The right wing in Canada has a new cheerleader, it's none other than the last Chretienite left standing; Warren Kinsella.

In his latest blog attack on the current Liberal Party Regime, he loves to hate; the Martinistas, he gives former Liberal MP Carolyn Parrish a backhaded compliment. While commenting on the sudden change on her home page where comments bashing the Martinistas were removed he takes umberage at her comments on Israel.

Reflections on the Middle East-Carolyn Parrish Independent MP

Warren Kinsella in his blog comments on July 26 says he disagrees with Carolyn. She's ok in his book's for attacking Paul Martin, but and it's a big but,
" but I don't agree that an MP who accuses Israel of "crimes against humanity" should be invited back into the Liberal caucus." says Warren.

And who does Warren link to in his denouncing Parrish, why David Frum, ex- Canadian speech writer for George Bush II, in his column in the far right National Review.

Warren are you saying the 'Anschluss' of Palestine by the Zionists and their campaign of 'Lebensraum' into the West Bank and Gaza Strip is Ok, is defensible? Even though it has been denouced by Amnesty International, the International Court of Justice in the Hauge, the UN and every civilized country around the world. With the exception of the Americans who supply Israel with its weapons, and funds, and have David Frum spin their Axis of Evil rhetoric. Are you saying that you prefer right wing nut Frum over liberal Parrish? Apparently.

What Parrish said in her report linked above is:

"the occupation, with its brutality, destruction, humiliation and human rights violations, must end. The policy of defending Israel through military siege of Palestinian towns must also end. The collective and random punishment of Palestinian civilians must end and access to basic human rights and the necessities of life must be re-established wherever Palestinians reside. “The Wall” must continually be attacked. The world cheered when the Berlin wall was toppled. Why does it sit silently by while this monstrosity consumes land and destroys people’s lives?"

Apparently in Frum and Kinsellas world defending Palestine means being anti-Israel. Tell that to the Israeli left who have been saying the same things for years. Or the Arab Israelis who say it too.

As for Warren who has written a book on the far right in Canada to defend the far right in Israel who currently run the country, well that's a bit much.

And to play Liberal party do gooder, about welcoming Parrish back into the fold, when at least 34 members of the Party are aligned to the right wing in Canada, with their positions on gay marriage, it is amazing to hear this from Liberal Warren. But then he is a minority and an outsider in the party as well being the last Chretienite on deck.

Coincidentaly his denounciation of Carolyn appeared and the next day the right wing NCC also denounced her.

"NCC Urging Liberals to Keep Parrish Out

"(Toronto July 27, 2005) The National Citizens Coalition says it may run a media campaign urging Prime Minister Paul Martin to keep Carolyn Parrish out of the Liberal caucus.

"'Prime Minister Martin kicked Parrish out of his caucus because her behaviour was intolerably crude and crass,' says NCC vice president Gerry Nicholls. 'Her recent attack on General Rick Hillier indicates that she has not changed. Allowing her back into the governing party would be bad for Canada.'

So was Warren giving aid to the enemy by helping kick off the Anti-Parrish campaign?

Well he has been sucking up to Paul Wells at Macleans, maybe he is hoping to get a column.

Wells is a long time pal of Ken Whyte who was National Post Editor and now Editor of Macleans. Whyte began his journalism career at the right wing Alberta Report.

David Frum is also a former associate of Wells both worked at the National Pest. A paper that does not distinquish between hard news and political propaganda.

But what happens when attitude — traditionally the purview of columnists — starts seeping into straight news copy.The National Post has begun moving columnists to the front page to analyze the hard news stories running alongside their columns, as they did for their October 13, 1999 coverage of the Speech from the Throne. Paul Wells’s view of the proceedings snuggled against Ottawa bureau chief Robert Fife’s blow-by-blow account of the details. The danger is bedding opinion with hard news reporting is that it can taint the assumption of objectivity.
Thunderbird Magazine, UBC Journalism Review.

Warren did get published in the National Pest recently and he has been saying nice things about Stephen Harper lately. He gets praise from the right wing bloggers. A Conservative Life blogs:

A respectable Liberal

I've never "mixed it up" with Warran Kinsella. I'm probably too insignificant for him to even notice if I tried. His latest publication in the National Post reveals that he, like the subject of his article, is a man of character. Liberals have done their best to convince Canadians that Stephen Harper is "scary" or even "evil". It is good to know that some Liberals aren't willing to slander someone for the sake of political gain. Some excerpts from Mr. Kinsella's article...Advice for a nice guy

"I am a Liberal, and liberal, but I like Stephen Harper.

The main reason for liking him is personal. When my Dad died, a year ago last week, Mr. Harper called me and my Mom to express condolences. He talked about meeting my Dad once, and he talked at length about his own father, who had passed away not long before."

Warren's blog is full of how nice these guys all are now that is on the outs with the PMO. Mainstream media commentators who of course are all anti-Paul Martin. But once you bed down the enemy of your enemy that leaves you with fleas.

July 20
"The corporate MSM ones tend to be a bit colourless - with the notable exceptions of Wells, Zerb and Gunter, naturally."

Lets see Wells a centre right liberal; pal with a former Alberta Report gunsel. Gunter is a former Alberta Report gunsel, Whyte and Gunter are both journalists schooled in the Byfield school of right wing blather. Zerb is a liberal. Two rights and a liberal.

Maybe all that punk music Warren listens to has finally adled his senses. I would suspect that his days in the Liberals under his arch nemesis Paul Martin are numbered and he is sucking up to the right for a job.

Then he can join the NCC and the likes of Ezra Levant and David Frum in denouncing Parrish. And like Frum he can finally call her an anti-semite, which is the real subtext of his accusation that she is Anti-Israel.

Of course she is nothing of the kind, but Warren equates reactionary Zionist leadership in Israel with the people of Israel, and any criticism of Israel is verboten by the pro-Israel lobby in Canada. Boy he actually is begining to sound like Stockwell Day...scary....Warren...scary. To think some people actually think Warren is a progressive. That's even scarier.


Anonymous said...

And to think that your rant reads, to some of us, like warmed-over, non-spell-checked anti-Semitism.

To think.

Warren Kinsella

Bob Allaway said...

And Warren is now mixing it more at Comments Please

Anonymous said...

You are an idiot. Rather than simply choose an ideology and blindly follow all of the cookie-cutter positions that accompany it (which you seem to do), Warren Kinsella is intelligent enough to make his own decisions. As soon as mouth-breathers such as yourself start to cry "far left" or "far right", you lose all creditability. Now go back to being obscure.

Toronto Tory said...

Isn't that cute Eugune - only someone who agrees with you can call themselves "Progressive".

How original...

Anonymous said...

. . . more compelling news from Eugene . . . "Toronto Star moves right" and "Jack Layton moves right". Layton, by working on the federal budget, had to collaborate with not just Martin but also Ralph Goodale, who, being from the west, is a right-wing wacko. As for the Toronto Star, well, they also confuse news and dogma, so they must be rightwingers

Larry Gambone said...

Ah, the Anonnymice are here! I thought we left them over at Vive le Canada. Listen to their pathetic squeeking because you dared attacked that political whore Kinsella and criticized Isreal. Remember any criticism of Isreal, no matter how justified is Anti-semitism according to the neoconazis.

eugene plawiuk said...

Thanks Bob for the tip about Comments Please. See what a nice site of paid professional bloggers. Warren and Wells and Mercer notice a predominace of MEN there. All white too. Hmmm. Anyways thanks I left a comment. Good debate going, which is what I wanted started so I encourage folks to visit and leave their two bits worth there.

Obviously some of the right wing riff raff has wandered over here from there, and left their anonomyass hole comments here. Boy Warren sure has a big Tory fan club as Toronto Tory proves, which makes my point about Warren moving right. So someone tell me I am wrong, an no I don't define what progressive is does, snicker.

Besides using that brilliant arguement of name calling, such as Warren did on his site and at Comment when he called me a moron. Ohh that hurt.
"Someone doesn't like me (or Paul Wells) Check out this moron, if you have the stomach for it. Bears many of the hallmarks of the semi-intellectualized, academic "anti-Zionism" (and you know what THAT is code for) that too many universities are churning out these days. Makes want to vomit. Support for Israel and what it represents - democracy, stability, a just response to the Holocaust, to name a few things - isn't a left/right construct, you kook. It's the right thing to do. And, yeah, I'm a Lefty who loves Israel. Deal with it. "

As for the spell chec cheap shot we all make typos, even Warren who says "Makes want to vomit." And its like calling someone a moron cause you disagree with them I didn't call Warren a moron, I called him what he is a Chretenite Liberal who is NO lefty, maybe a wannabe, and who is definetly moving right. His support of Nationalistic Zionism is not support for Jewish or Yiddish culture, which included anti-Zionist anarchists, socialists and communists including Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman. But in Warrens Zionist world they would be described as Self Hating Jews.
Let the debate continue.

eugene plawiuk said...

For those of you who want to join in on the debate over at Comments Please here is the

eugene plawiuk said...

Warren's defense of the indefesible, that is his blanket support for Israel puts him in the camp of the right wing in Canada, not the Left. See my article on Ezra Levant who like Warren defends all things Israeli, and does so by lying, historical revisionism and racist comments about Arabs, which is common in Zionist propaganda.
See Lies of Our Times-Ezra LeRant and the Big Lie

Toronto Tory said...

Eugene, when you call someone an "Asshole" and then complain about name calling in the very next paragraph, you're being hypocritical.

eugene plawiuk said...

Toronto Tory

I aimed my comment at the anonymous posters whom I called playfully anonmyass hole, get it, its a joke. If you make a comment sign your name to it. I do. It's called courtesy. So no I didn't call anyone an asshole. So get your printed facts write.

Calling me hypocritical is a cheap shot that avoids the real point of the article..... Which is just another way of defending the indefensible.

And by the by I did not call WK an asshole or moron, or anything else. I did say he had gone right wing....and with the support of so many CPC bloggers I rest my point.

eugene plawiuk said...

I hadn't come across this debate at Progressive Bloggers about this article till today. So here it is the comments followed on Simons page at PB.

Should Progressive Bloggers Attack Each Other?

I know Progressive Bloggers is a losely affiliated group with many strands both left, right and centrist. I am also aware that intercine warfare is something that Blogging Tories are famous for.

I will also say I believe very strongly in the idea of Progressive Bloggers, strongly enough that I spent about a day of my time fending off naysayers at Wikipedia to make sure our entry wasn't erased.

However, I must say I am troubled by the lack of civility currently being shown to the La Reuve Gauche blog.

For the past day a critical post on the La Reuve Gauche blog has been moderated up on the Prog Blogs main page. La Reuve Gauche takes strong positions, so no doubt strong counter-arguments are in order. The criticism on the Prog Blog page, however, is a personal attack.

The writer of La Reuve Gauche is called
"This Plawiuk guy" "an idiot" and a "nobody." The poster also, repeating a criticism made elsewhere, calls the La Reuve Gauche writer as 'semi-intellectualized, academic "anti-Zionis[t]"'

I take the phrase "semi-intellectual" to be a reference to the La Reuve Gauche writer as a working Canadian, who runs a custodial business. This would seem to be a class-based put down.

Do other Progressive Bloggers feel good manners have been breached in this case? Should a Progressive Blogger be referred to in this way by another Progressive Blogger on the Prog Blogs main page? I'd be interested to hear your opinion.