Monday, October 03, 2005

A Peoples Program for Alberta

The Klein government has no new ideas of what to do with the growing surplus. Let alone any ideas about how to actually create an Alberta Advantage that benefit's the people of Alberta, and not just their Calgary Corporate Cronies, I thought I would offer my own Modest Proposal.

The government is asking for public input into changes in the Labour Relations Act, and the future of Post Secondary Education.

So here are mine. As well as proposals dealing with living wages,
taxes, municipalities, cooperatives, investment funds, etc.

It's based on the simple principle:

Labour Produces all Wealth

All Wealth Belongs to those who Labour

Flat Tax of 10% on all incomes of $100,000 and over

No Income Tax on anyone earning less than $100,000

All resource Industries will pay 60% royalty fees and 60% tax on all after sales profit.

ATB and Credit Unions will loan up to $10,000 to all Albertans who may wish to start a business, a coop etc. interest free for five years.

Elimination of the Labour Relations Board, all contract disputes will be decided by between unions, employers and independent mediation agreed to by each party.

Anti-Scab legislation, no employer has the right to hire replacement workers in advent of a lock out or strike.

A Living Wage $14 per hour. All employers will be responsible for paying all benefits for workers they employ.

Elimination of all Health Care premiums, and user fees, and a pharmacare, dental and hearing eye care plan for all Albertans.

A provincial retirement benefit plan to compliment CPP and OAS.

A provincial insurance corporation for all insurance in the province, drivers, personal, housing, tenant, non profit org., pets and farm animals.

A guaranteed income for all Albertans of $20,000 a year. COLA to the national poverty standard. Elimination of AISH and Welfare Programs.

Tripartite Apprenticeship programs developed with unions/professional associations and employers and the government to train in trades and all professions, to be inclusive of all Albertans regardless of race, sex, sexual preference, etc. Applies to High School programs and post secondary education programs.

Encourage Labour Sponsored Investment Funds for Venture Capital. A fund created by unions and professional associations through ATB or Credit Union, with secure investment guarantee from province up to $60,000 per investment. Applicable as tax credit provincially and federally.

Low cost housing projects developed through Venture Capital Fund and ATB/Credit Unions with investment guarantee from provincial government.

Full funding of public daycare, pre school education programs, K-12 education and Post Secondary education.

No tuition fees for post secondary education.

Public access to all post secondary programs.

Student loans with no interest for five years after graduation.

Transferable credits between all post secondary institutions in the province.

Tax Credit to Businesses that provide daycare for their workers.

Expand the legislature to have enough MLA’s for every 10,000 people. Proportional Representation. No bills can be passed without a vote in the Legislature. Guaranteed sittings of the Legislature for a minimum of 120 days per year.

Full public funding for all political parties, with campaign limits for spending.

ATB and credit union funding for worker, producer and consumer cooperative businesses, with provincial guarantees for up to $100,000 in start up funding.

Full funding for Women’s shelters in the province with requirement of family counseling for all Men involved in abusive relationships.

Legalization of prostitution, no one under 18 may work in the sex industry in Alberta. Regulation of the industry in cooperation with Sex Trade Workers Union.

All medical abortions will be paid in full.

All public utilities will be under community control. This will reduce provincial funding to cities.

Fully funded public transportation for cities, and intercity travel.

Provincial and municipal land banking for low cost housing.

Put the Alberta Stock Exchange under National Governance.

Alternative Energy Investment and Tax Credits.

Arts and Culture production Investment and Tax Credits.

Low interest loans for Community Redevelopment Programs, revitalization of decrepit urban space.

No Child Labour.Anyone younger than 16 cannot work (excluding paper routes and neighbourhood chores).

All Public Boards, Health Boards, University, Technical Colleges, etc. will be made up of elected representatives. In the case of Post Secondary Institutions this will include representatives of students, faculty. In case of other boards, it will include representatives of employee groups and the public.

No Private Parking. All parking will be the responsibility of the municipality, and funds from parking will go to the municipality.

All municipalities will hold open budget hearings, and planning sessions, infrastructure plans and budget plans may be voted on by referendum.

36 hour work week. All hours after that are overtime.

All Albertans will have the right to join a union, regardless of their employment status, including contract workers, sales people, taxi drivers, farm workers and nannies.

Upon successful organizing of 51% of workers in any particular industry a first contract will automatically come into effect between the union and the employer.


Larry Gambone said...

Really good ideas. Eugene. A real libertarian populist program. Too bad the NDP and the Greens don't have ideas like these. Why do we anarchos have to do their work for them?

Anonymous said...

Not one decent idea about homeless people, disabled or any people with a problem. No mention of helping housing societies.

Neither was there any environmental comments or help for transit.

No mention on encouraging volunteerism and gas prices.

eugene plawiuk said...

Gee Anon what did you think landbanking for housing was? Or municipalization of parking, or low interest loans for Community redevelopment, public utilities under community control. Ok dealt with the housing issue....on to environmental issues ditto, as for disabled folks what the hell is a Living Wage for all if not direct help...get with the program buddy its all there....oh I'm sorry I didn't mention all the oppressed folks by their identity for volunteerism thats just wage slavery without the wages