Tuesday, November 22, 2005

No News is Good News


Be still my beating heart...... Is this anyway to run a service????

Update (11/22/05 @ 7:11PM CT): The ModBlog file server has returned online. We are performing necessary maintenance on the server now. Once this process is complete, ModBlog will return online.

Update (11/22/05 @ 12:17AM CT): We are very, very sorry for the extended delay. Unfortunately, the person that is capable of repairing the problem was traveling over the weekend, and was unable to tend to the problem. We are now working as fast as possible to put ModBlog back online, and that should happen very soon. Frequent updates will follow this post until ModBlog is fully back online.

Update (11/17/05 @ 4:30AM CT): ModBlog will return online later today. We greatly apologize for ModBlog's downtime, and we are taking steps to ensure that this cause will not be an issue in the future. Complete details regarding ModBlog's downtime will be posted once it re-opens. We truly appreciate your patience, and we look forward to seeing you back at ModBlog!

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