Thursday, December 29, 2005

And now a word from Quebec

The next leader of the CPC will be from Quebec. Once again the rumour mill is running in Quebec that high ranking Conservatives are planning to oust the Harper if he loses this election. Comments to that effect were made on Mike Duffy's show prior to the Christmas election break.

Several high ranking Conservatives in Quebec are suggesting that the Conservatives need a leader from Quebec in order to win an election in Canada.The fallout over the Conservatives Western Canadian leadership continues from the fall.

They have dismissed Peter Mckay as a potential leader instead focusing on the current candidate from Pontiac if he gets elected, or failing that some old Conservative hacks from the Mulroney era. Either way, the night of the long knives will begin on January 24 should Harper lose again.

The Conservatives maybe Her Majestys Loyal Opposition on that day, but the party will disintegrate into faction fights that have been patched over in order to win this election. Conservative unity will be tested should they not gain seats in Quebec, the Maritimes and lose seats in Ontario, and the prairies, sans Alberta. This is a fragile party held together not by policy but by sealing wax and string, and Harpers ego.

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