Thursday, December 29, 2005

Guns and Butter for Conservatives

Back to the Guns and Butter economics.

Well the Conservatives are promising to shell out $5.3 million in waste, err military spending.

As the old guns and butter formula in economics teaches us, guns cost more and are a waste, butter costs less and is good for people from farmers to consumers. Butter better, guns waste.

Hmm wonder where Harper got his economics degree from, Stalin U? Under Stalin butter was sacrificed, Ukrainians starved, but heavy machine industry grew in the Soviet Union, and they produced the Stalin Tank, percursor to the German Panzer.

Under Harpers plan he may say he wants to build more battleships, frigates, etc. however there is no matching industrial plan for Canada to become self sufficient in industrial production for military harware. The old corporatist monopolies, the Irvings on the East Coast and Bombadier in Quebec would be the only bidders for these contracts. All other companies in Canada are now U.S. subsidaries.

What the Liberals have wrought, as Mulroney did before them, is the destruction of Canada's indigineous ship builidng and aircraft manufacturing industries. Which is why we have been buying used submarines and faulty helicopters and a pending bid on a failed Hercules, because we no longer have the industrial infrastructure needed to create these war machines.

The destruction of Canada's military industrial complex, as embryonic as it was, is the earliest form of privatization and contracting out of jobs in our manufacturing sectior in order to court favour with our NATO allies. What we couldn't provide in troops and material we made up for in contracts for used military goods as well as open skies and ranges for NATO training excercises.

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