Sunday, December 18, 2005

Ed Sez: Gun Ban Useless

NDP Candidate and former GG, Ed Schreyer laughed out loud over the suggestion that the Liberals ban on handguns will solve crime in Canada. "They have been banned since 1934, its not a solution to a complex problem like crime." He told Craig Oliver on CTV's Question Period.

Nice to know that another Western Canadian NDP candidate running in a rural riding recognizes how out of touch the gun control lobby and the Toronto Liberals are. He actually said the Liberals had blown it over the Firearms registry and gun control. "I have represented Selkirk before you know, and I know what I am talking about."

I was waiting for him to pull a Charlton Heston though. Would love to see that. Ed Schreyer brandishing a long rifle belonging to Gabriel Dumont from the Riel Rebellion quoting him; "
That we have a fair and full representation in the Canadian Parliament". See the Dippers support legal responsible gun ownership, now back off Blogging Torys.

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