Sunday, December 11, 2005

Edmonton Strathcona Liberal MIA

Andy Hladyshevsky

A stronger voice for Edmonton Strathcona!
Óêðà¿íñüêà âåðñ³ÿ Francais

The Liberal Candidate in Edmonton Strathcona appears to be running as an independent. His web site does not identify him as a Liberal let alone a member of Team Martin. No red maple leaf logos, no big L, nada, nothing.

And his website is still the one he had for his nomination as the Liberal candidate in Edmonton Strathcona, which he won.

The Liberals don't even know he is running for them since they have no candidate listing, as of today, on their candidate web site for Edmonton Strathcona. Opps.

Hey this is the end of Election week two. Over and done with and the Liberals have Andy running apparently for them in Edmonton Strathcona, but who knows...even CBC doesn't....

Note to Strategic Voters: I have said before this is going to be a two way race between Linda Duncan of the NDP and Rahim Jaffer of the Conservatives.

Ya'all vote Linda and we beat Rahim.


E. Kalynchuk said...

Andy was nominated on Dec. 5. Can't use a Liberal party logo until nominated. If you check his website (it has been updated) and there is now a Liberal logo. The Liberal Party won't list until Elections Canada has received his paper with constituent signature. As of Dec. 16/05 Andy is officially the Liberal candidate for Edmonton Strathcona. Also note that last time the Liberals were in second place. You must be an ND.

eugene plawiuk said...

Gee do ya think? Maybe cause in my sidebar its posted that I belong to the NDP bloggers. As for getting second place last time that was with a high profile candidate, a former MLA, Debbie Carlson....Andy who???