Thursday, December 01, 2005

Harper Hates Government

"I believe that all taxes are bad," Harper said "Better taxes are lower taxes. Government has money to waste, government has money to steal, government has money to spend on benefits for a few. It's time for benefits for mainstream Canadians, hard-working people who pay their taxes and play by the rules." So the Harper hates government why is he running for Prime Minister and why is his neo-con Republican Lite party running to be the government if they hate taxes so much. Taxes fund the government. The government then spreads the wealth around through programs like oh Healthcare, Transfer payments, CPP/OAS, the military, etc. Whats with the rightwing speak about 'benefits for the few'..who are these 'special interests' farmers? Seniors? University Students? Autoworkers? Are these not hard working Canadians ?
Now there has been alot of talk about the hidden agenda the the Conservatives have. It ain't hidden its right here. Its the Harpers former employer, the National Citizens Coalition Agenda for Canada.

We call our vision "The Agenda for Canada".

The Agenda for Canada addresses these key issues:

Financial Accountability
Canada needs to cut big government spending, find innovative ways to get a better return on our health-care investments, and allow Canadians to keep more of the money they earn.

Representative Accountability
The scandals must stop. Canadians need to push for a democratically elected senate, a strong military, a privatized CBC and more direct democracy.

Individual Freedoms and Responsibility
Canada needs to entrench property rights, repeal the gag law and end the Wheat Board monopoly. Canada needs to restore rights to union workers, end CRTC censorship and restore language rights to English speaking Quebeckers.

If Canada’s political leaders will not promote a new vision for Canada, then the NCC will. But we need your help!

Have a read through our Agenda for Canada and let us know what you think. Or, better yet, help us fund an ad campaign that will make the Agenda for Canada part of the national debate.

We need to let Canadians know that there is another option to the failed big government solutions of the past.

Your generous contribution to this campaign can make the Agenda for Canada a reality. With your support we can print more Agenda for Canada booklets, print newspaper ads, run radio commercials and use the internet to get the message out.

Now more than ever Canada needs a positive vision. The NCC’s Agenda for Canada is that vision. Help us get the message out.

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