Saturday, December 31, 2005


Racist Canadian Mounted Police could be the other term for these guys. Gone are the days of the NWMP and honouring their word with Sitting Bull. Today these white wacist cops are like cops everywhere. They ignored this womans pleas for help because she was a First Nations person. Now they are going to correct their behaviour. Right. Like its only taken them 135 years to recognize they have a problem?

No response to 911 call 'an error': RCMP
Dec 30 2005
CBC News
The RCMP are admitting they made a mistake when they failed to respond to a 911 call from a woman who was later found dead in her home.

And this is not the only case of them being chumps or racist.

What about the former RCMP Officer, Western Seperatist,and Reform Party MP Jack Ramsay who was charged with raping native girls while an RCMP officer. And while the rapes occured in the sixties the case finally reached court six years ago. Justice is not only blind she can be as slow as mollasses in January.

Then there was the systematic massacre by the RCMP of hunting dogs used by the Inuit in the NWT during the fifites and sixties. It was an attempt to force them to move by destroying their source of livelihood, hunting. Its also called genocide.

There is still the outstanding case of the Air India disaster and accusations that the investigation was tainted by racism.

This summer the RCMP decided that they would engage in a campaign of terror against street people in Kelowna, home of rightwhingnutbar politicians, by taking their 'illegal' shopping carts from them.

The death of the four Mounties in Mayerthorpe Alberta could have been avoided, had they been informed the guy they were going to visit was known to hate cops. Nope their dispatching officer didn't warn them just sent them out to impound a car. As I blogged here before the impounding of the car was basically contracting out the RCMP to do a private policing activity.

The history of the RCMP is the history of a paramilitary colonial army, whose motto sums up their poltics; Maintain the Right!

Local police departments are supervised by community police commissions. It is time for Canada to have an Citizen Community Commission to oversee the RCMP. The current Civilian committee is simply a Complaints Commission:
a small agency, has had to operate within the constraints of its existing staff and budget until such time as further funds were approved and made available.


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