Monday, December 12, 2005

Scott Reid Conservative Commentator

"Duh' Oh"

Oh boy did the blogoshpere heat up yesterday when Liberal Party Communications (sic) Director, and the right hand of PM, Scott Reid came out with his comment that all the Harper Baby Bonus plan would do was provide for beer and popcorn for working parents. He probably thought he was being clever. I think he meant beer and peanuts. It was one of those gaffes that makes elections exciting on slow news days.

Anyways the off the cuff remark has caused a swirl of controversy, mainly fueled by the hypocritical Bloggin Tory's and our favorite 'f****ing moron'; Warren Kinsella. Yep much ado about nothing here folks.

Reid just sounded like a Conservative, or neo-con pundit many of whom have said similar things about the poor, folks on welfare, gays, the homeless, single mothers,women in general, immigrants, union folks, etc.etc. After all Ezra Levant has told us that 77% of Canadians are 'stupid'. So there. Take that. Those who live in glass houses........

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