Monday, January 02, 2006

Strategic Voting In Edmonton Strathcona

The postings on the CBC Riding Talk forum for Edmonton Strathcona shows overwhemling support for strategic voting against Jaffer. And it is in favour of one candidate; Linda Duncan of the NDP. Most of those comments are coming from self confessed Liberal voters and even a few Red Torys.

Now of course this is completely unscientific. But it does show what I have been saying all along this is a two way race between the NDP and the Conservatives. With that kind of a race we have to remember that provincially the seat is held by the NDP. Last time the vote splitting between the Liberals and NDP allowed Jaffer to come up the middle.

With no credible candidate this time for the Liberals, the choice is clear to folks that Linda Duncan is the big tent candidate for all opposition voters. And from the comments, the Jaffer Must Go crowd is lining up behind Linda.

This election is about Change, and in Edmonton Strathcona that means Jaffer must go, he has been ineffectual and unproductive for the riding. With voters wanting change, traditional resentment towards the Liberals and displeasure with Jaffer's politcal carrerism in the Reform/Alliance/Conservative party and lack of concern for Edmonton Strathcona, puts the NDP in the sweet spot for this election. They are a vote for change.

Will Edmonton Strathcona vote for change? That is the question. As I have said before this is a race to watch on January 23.



Dan McKenzie said...

Will the real Rahim Jaffer please stand up, please stand up.

Voting in this riding is clear. Do what you must to get a clown out of parliament.

Mark said...

I'm trying not to get my hopes up. :P There's a pretty big gap for her to overcome. I'll be happy if she just gets within striking distance and makes it abundantly clear next time who the strategic vote is.


Well said by both of you. I believe in thinking positive. The fact this is a two way race between Linda and Rahim is amazing. Now if the votes roll out this way, and I am not getting my hopes up, the clown will be gone.