Friday, February 17, 2006

Edmonton Bloggers Get Together

Candace at Waking Up at Planet X has taken the initiative to call an Edmonton Bloggers get together for this upcoming Long Weekend. Oh you forgot its a long weekend, yep Family Day....and we're all family here cause we fight and bitch like here is the info.....And no you cannot bring your baseball bat its not that kinda bash......

Edmonton Bloggers Bash

Well, "bash" may not be the best word, given the timing, but here are the details:

Date: February 18, 2006
Time: 1:00 pm until whenever
Place: Brewsters - 104th Ave & 116th Street (the London Drugs part of that monster strip mall)

Spouses welcome. Friends welcome. Firearms...not so much.

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Balbulican said...

Pictures! Take Pictures!!

Candace said...

Eugene, where were you???

Maybe we need to schedule it on a regular vs long weekend. It was just 3 conservative bloggers & a spouse; we could have used some balance while solving world problems.


Sorry but I was at the Vigil for the Peacemakers in Iraq and ended up meeting afterwards with folks. Mea Culpa, also we probably need to give more advance notice...but wished I'd been there those are good odds four to one....