Friday, February 17, 2006

Ban Tasers

I have said it before we need to ban tasers from the cops.

Clearly its not tasers that are the problem its the cops. Remember its not tasers that kill people its the people using tasers.....and in this case its turned a cop from a Hero to a Zero.

And he tasered a kid, a kid, in a closed cell. Ohh big man. After he strip searched him, obviously this guy has sexual just a bit of sadism on the side...sexual violence is about power......but what do you expect from the authoritarian nature of cops as agents of the state...they are either in control or they get outta control.

Laurie Wood, the boy's lawyer, says the case raises more questions about the police department's use of Tasers. "I've always said that a Taser should only be used as a last resort," she said. "I think Tasers are being used by police officers as toys."

Yep this gives new meaning to boys and their toys.

Officer charged in Tasering of teen in police cell
Edmonton Journal - 19 hours ago
EDMONTON - The Edmonton Police Service charged one of its own members with assault Wednesday after an officer allegedly strip-searched then Tasered a 15-year-old boy in late 2003.
Assault charge for 'hero' cop Edmonton Sun
Edmonton cop charged in jail-cell Taser case Calgary Sun
CBC Calgary - Edmonton Journal - all 6 related »

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