Friday, February 17, 2006

Workers vs Worker

In our society we like to pit worker against worker and this is what CUPE faces in Ontario with changes to their pensions plans. Unfortunately their own members have weakened their cause by breaking with union solidarity over plans for a one day walk out.CUPE solidarity breaks This tactic has been dismissed by many as extreme.

Except that when doctors do it, they call it a study session, the public supports them. So maybe CUPE Ontario should call it a study session.

On why blue collar workers and para professsionals are discriminated against by the media and the pundits when it comes to their work being as important as cops and firefighters.

Let's see last time their was a garbage strike in Toronto did the cops, firefighters or doctors clean up the mess? Nope. Neither did the Premier, his cabinet, the MLA's or the politicos in city hall.

And this issue is about downloading the public pension plan to municipalities, which also don't like it. But the cops and firefighters do because while other unionized workers and taxpayers face cost increases they get benefit increases.
Premier turns up heat as CUPE tries to cool it

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