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And Then They Built An Ark

Hey Noah where did you say you parked that Ark? Scientists confirm historic massive flood, caused by climate change 8,200 years ago.

Which could explain the biblical myth of Noahs Ark and of course that other popular myth, the sinking of Atlantis.

The American 19th Century radical reformer, left wing Republican and Greenback activist , novelist and science fiction writer; Ingatius Donnelly popularized the idea of Atlantis after Platos short dissertation on it. Atlantis remains one of humanities most popular visions of a lost civilisation.

He also wrote
Ragnarok, the Age of Fire and Gravel (1883), in which he proposed that a comet hit the earth in prehistoric times and destroyed a high civilization.

Well while I would not call the dinosaurs a high civilization, we have now found evidence that a comet hit the earth and caused their demise.

Love these radicals who go off on some other tangent, and while their social reforms become common place their wilder ideas are what get remembered.

But now with this computer model of a historic flood Donnelly's Diffusionist theory of Atlantis once again gains some credence.

And of course it gives an idea of what is coming as the polar ice caps, north and south, melt.

Ignatius Loyola Donnelly


Lawyer, politician, author, publisher, novelist, poet

Ignatius Donnelly was born in Philadelphia on November 3, 1831. "He graduated from the High School of Philadelphia at the age of nineteen, with high honors, and immediately commenced the study of law. He was admitted to the Philadelphia bar in 1853, and immediately commenced practice in that city . . . ." ["Hon. Ignatius Donnelly," in W.J. Arnold (ed.), The Poets and Poetry of Minnesota 151-161 (Chicago: S.P. Rounds, Books and Job Printers, 1964)]

Donnelly moved to Minnesota in 1857 and two years later was elected lieutenant governor (1860-1863). He was elected to Congress and served from 1863 to 1869). He served in the Minnesota Legislature various terms: 1874-78, 1887, 1891-93, and 1897. He died in Minneapolis, Minnesota on January 1, 1901; interment in Calvary Cemetery, St. Paul, Minnesota.

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Research Resources

Ignatius Donnelly Papers
Minnesota Historical Society
St. Paul, Minnesota

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