Saturday, March 04, 2006

Spam You

Global Guerrilla John Robb writes:
Let's put connectivity into perspective: how many times in your life, before the Internet connected you to the world, were you confronted by people intent on defrauding you of your net worth? For me, that is a couple a dozen times at most (and mostly from venture capitalists and investment bankers, ;->). Since then, we all are approached via our e-mail inbox and through the Web by frauds at least a couple of times a day. Phishing, catapulted by bot networks, worms, spam, keylogging, malware, and other technologies has enabled men from Nigeria, Russia and other garden spots to reach into your home and place of work without restriction. Who provides the bulk of your personal security relative to these threats? You do, with the help of leverage provided corporate software companies. The future is here already, don't look to the government for solutions...

Yep which is why I reccomend the following FREE software for protecting yourself from the STD's of cyberspace. I post this notice monthly on the listserves I run.

Free Ware or Share Ware that will give you protection when on-line

eugeneAT NOSPAMunion dot org dot za

Notice the email address this is the way you should be posting your email on your web page, blogs, or in postings on the web where you ask someone to reply to you. This prevents spamware from stripping your email and using it to spam you.

My partner built me a new computer for my birthday/Xmas present (every family should have their own computer geek), and I am updating this notice I send out about free ware/shareware programs I use that I think are essential for working on your computer cleaning up spam, spy ware, file cleanup etc.

This is not spam, I am not being paid or given web credits for doing this. These are programs I use on my computer that I have found to be easy to use, effective, and FREE or relatively cheap if they are shareware.

I found these really useful when we had a dial up connection, now we have TELUS high speed and if I want a Fire wall/Anti virus/Ad/Spam killer, protection I HAVE TO PAY EXTRA! As Tony Soprano would say; "Forget about it!"
I use these programs and they protect my computer without having to pay extra for them.

The Internet is like having anonymous sex use protection to keep your computer free of computer STD's.

I prepared this email in a wonderful text editor EDIT PAD that works better than Notebook or Word pad, you can download it for FREE here.

The latest browser I have tested and reccomend highly is FIREFOX from Mozilla. It's FREE and it does much more than IE without crashing as frequently. It will adopt your IE bookmarks, protocols etc. and transfer them automatically. It is a cleaner and more SECURE browser than IE. Did I mention it's FREE?!


In this day and age of hackers attacking with worms and viruses everyone should have a home fire wall. Regardless of your ISP whether you are dial up DSL or cable linked your ISP does not give you enough protection. SHAW and TELUS do not give you a fire wall for free, you must buy it from them. I recommend Zone Alarm which I have been using for years, its better than Norton or McAfee Fire walls and it is FREE. It is interactive asking you if you want a program to access the Internet, it protects you on-line from hackers and it has virus protection for your email. And it's FREE.

If you want to you can pay to upgrade to their higher end products which includes a very good pest killer: PEST PATROL

Of course you have anti virus protection on your computer...well you do don't you?! Great but they cost $$$ and you have to subscribe annually for updates, costing you more $$$$. A GREAT FREE anti-virus program as powerful as the commercial ones put out by Norton and McAfee is:

AVG Anti virus software from Grisoft-

It automatically updates itself every ten days!!! For free and you can set it contact your computer automatically and upgrade itself! Oh did I mention IT IS BETTER THAN NORTON OR McAFEE.

And while we are at it you need to use anti-hacker utilities that finds and eliminates hacker tools, spy ware, cookies and Trojans from your personal computer. Even if you are using anti virus programs you should download these FREE programs. They cover different hacker tools so its good to use all of them:

AD AWARE - The original FREE ad ware killer from Europe,

- checks and cleans your registry and checks for hot key changes

SPYWAREBLASTER doesn't scan and clean for spy ware,it prevents it from ever being installed you set it up and it runs in the background.

Ok now you are protected on-line what about when you leave the Internet? Then you need to clean up all that crap that has been loaded into your Windows system from surfing. A program to clean up the remains of your cache, the stuff even Norton Utilities like Clean Sweep MAY miss then you need to use another great program: WINDOW WASHER it is free to try and then see if you want to buy it. I found it worth the investment. Even after using the clean sweep utility in my Norton utilities program Window Washer still found hidden files to be cleaned.

It's FREE and easy to download and use, so do it now! Just click on the link:

MAIL WASHER is a program designed to keep out unsolicited commercial email(otherwise known as spam) and email viruses from your computer.

It also allows you to preview and delete emails before you download them,like emails with large attachments or viruses. So you never have to download bad emails again.

Plus a really handy feature allows you to bounce emails back to people so it looks like your address doesn't exist. So if you're getting a lot of unsolicited email or you gave your email address to the wrong person you can now bounce it back to them so they can take your name off their list.

If you have more than one email address you will need to use MAIL WASHER PRO which is a shareware program but like the free version is well worth the price. go to to find out more information about it.

SPAM POISON for your Blog or Website

WWW Robots (also called wanderers or spiders) are programs that traverse pages in the Web by recursively retrieving linked pages. When a spammer's robot visits your website, blog, discussion forum, etc, they will check all the pages that you link to for email addresses.

Now you can fight back against their robots!

All you have to do is link to this page so that whenever a spammer's robot scans your page, they will be sucked into this one.E-mail collecting robots will be sent in an infinite loop and will get dynamically generated fake e-mail addresses, adding enormous quantities of bogus data to the databases of the spammers, thus poisoning those files so badly that they become essentially usele

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audacious said...

is a highly recommended free program, and completely idiot proof for those that are unsure ...

a site to visit is ; sheilds up; recommended by zone alarm ... it will check to see if you any open ports open, and thus vulnerable to the outside world.

eugene plawiuk said...

Yeah cleaner is great I have used and actually prefer it to Washer. And the shields up website very impressive thanks for this.