Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Why is this blog popular

That's the question that my personal right whingnut fan club asks. So I thought I would reply. First I have something to say. That's important. This blog does not care about how my hair looks, I have none, nor does it care about my teenage angst, cause I got through that when I was thirty. Nor is it because I am a dogmatic pundit of either the Right or Left.

It's because I am a damn fine writer with something to say.

It's 'cause of articles like my obituary biography of Anarchist author Ba-Jin, which is now listed in Wikipedia. And has been the basis of other printed and online biographies on the the author.

It's my contrarian dialectical analysis and tribute to Peter Drucker, who also passed away last year. Where those in the know have commented on my balanced as well as insightful perceptions of Drucker.

And the very many other articles I have written that are original. Not just comments on others writings, though I have done those too.

It's because I am an alternative journalist who gets his stuff published online as well as in print. And I am shameless in cross posting aritcles I think are of interest.

I use tags!

It's cause I am currently the #1 site on Critical Acclaim

I have over 1000 hits a week. Modest. But obviously enough to drive my fanclub nutz. Though he needs no help there.

And while I don't have lots and lots of comments, I don't have lots of trolls and rightwhingnutbars ranting here either. I say it, you read it, like it or leave it.

Which is probably why this guy is always ticked with me. Besides the fact he doesn't use Firefox, lacks a high speed connection (in Alberta, home of the High Speed connection services of Telus or Shaw), fails to use a pop up ad blocker.
Sorry folks but its the Libertarian Left link from Braveheart that keeps doing that.
Which seems to be his biggest complaint.

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PR said...

You shouldn't write stuff like this. You come off sounding like a self-congratulatory idiot, like MWW always does.

Why can't bloggers just accept their obscurity? I know I do.


Ha ha ha you are such a kidder