Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Clintons War

I have blogged about Canada's current 'humanitarian' war in Afghanistan being linked to the ideology of War to End Oppression which began with Bill Clinton and the attack on Serbia over Kosovo.

Blogger Let Freedom Chime, also notes that without that involvement the war in Afghanistan and Iraq would not have been possible.

Recently, I came across an old WSWS article, 'Pentagon strategy for nuclear strikes revealed, Iraq--a testing ground for US militarism', from March 1998. It shows how, in the Clinton era, the US Military was already planning for the aggressive style of first-strike wars that Bush/Cheney are presently practising.

The current sabre rattling over Iran's use of nuclear energy for domestic power, and the contradictory Bush India Nuke alliance bodes ill for the future.

Whether under Bush or a new Clinton regime.

Putting the Nuclear Genie Back in the Bottle


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kosmik knight said...

Hi Eugene, it's Kosmik from CHIMES OF FREEDOM. Coincidentally, I visited your blog just about the time you must've been writing 'Clinton's War'.

Yes, there is a chilling continuity in the fact that, in 1998, STRATCOM was preparing for a new kind of first strike policy (with the nuclear option) to be carried out in an apparently "irrational" and "vindictive" way.

This presaged the hijacking of US Foreign Policy and the Pentagon by the Straussian neo-cons who perfectly characterize STRATCOM's recommendations.

So we must ask just how much the 2000 Election Fraud and 911 were part of a premeditated operation involving various sectors of the US Political-Military-Industrial Complex.

And that's just for starters. Then we look at the the Mainstream Media's news blackouts (for example over the recent Anti-War demos) and its 'dumbed down' approach to news reportage over, for example, a totally fabricated 'crisis' over Iran.

The multinational Gestapo are increasingly panicky that their whole diabolical system is falling apart. Hence their increasingly repressive behavior.

eugene plawiuk said...

I also liked your Straussarian references, the Bushite administrations use of the Phony War on Terror as justification of the Imperial and Authoritarian State, including the create of the politics of fear which justifies the Security State. 1984 on a mass scale. It has affected Canada too under the previous Liberal regime, and now under King Stephen the Harpocrite. Who is also a Straussarian.