Monday, January 09, 2006

My Fan Club

I have a fan club on the right; The Third Edge of the Sword.

Who like Herr Patels, and WK when they disagree with me cannot rise to the occasion with much more than invective aand name calling like 'idiot', 'moron' and in the case of Abassador Kosh at TTEOTS I am apparently 'insane'.

Given my opponents and their politics this is all high praise indeed. Since I must be saying something right to upset them.

In the case of the juvenile cretin that is TTEOTS he took umbrage with my article on Edmonton Strathcona and the two way race. Obiously he had too much coffee and too many amphetamines and thus misconstrued my comments to say I thought the NDP would win. Which I did not say. I said Edmonton Strathcona is a two way race between the NDP and Conservatives.

Eugene Plawiuk is being slightly insane again this week talking about the NDP winning Edmonton-Strathcona from popular incumbant (and former drinking companion of yours truely) Rahim Jaffer.
I further said that if you read the CBC web discussion on Edmonton Strathcona you will see there is a movement a foot to oust Rahim as a failure as a riding MP. True fact that.

His comments are not worthy of reprinting here. He manages a particular offesnsive homophobic and childish slander of Svend Robinson accusing him of pedophilia which just goes to show that this dweeb has nothing in particular to offer to anyone visiting his blog. He is a perfect example of a waste of a good liberal arts education.

Its a good thing that Rahim has quit having this guy as his 'drinking buddy'.

A final note I wonder what it is that compels some folks to engage in name calling, foul language and tossing insults around when it comes to dealing with ideas they don't like. Clearly debate is not one of their strong points (assertions are not debate) and the argument for their side is so weak that this is all they can muster.


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