Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Nikes or Volpe

This is hilarious teenagers with a spare $5400 drop it on Liberal Leadership candidate Joe Volpe instead of Ipods or Nikes. Yeah right. Sounds like corporate donations made via the backdoor. Here kid here's some money donate it to Uncle Joe.

Executives' donations to Volpe draw fire

New Democrat MP Pat Martin yesterday filed a complaint asking Elections Commissioner Raymond Landry to investigate whether "individuals may be trying to circumvent campaign fundraising limits. "I suppose it is possible that all six children of two drug company executives would choose to donate their life savings to the Liberal leadership campaign of the member for Eglinton-Lawrence. It is possible, but it is not likely," Mr. Martin said in the Commons.

Volpe receives big donation from drug execs' kids

NDP wants Volpe leadership donations probed

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