Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Duh Oh

Equalization report favours Quebec Well slap me up the head and call me stupid, I would never have expected that.

Despite the privatization putsch of the Charest government, and the call for a more market state by the right wing of the BQ/PQ, the fact remains that Quebec is a State Capitalist nation.

It relies upon federal handouts to function, including massive job creation subsidies, subsidies to Bombardier and other SME's, which is exactly what undermines its claims to independence. It is actually capable of generating a surplus but it refuses too. Its economy is bourgoise like its nationalism, both are protectionist.

Which gives succour to the Western Alien-Nation whiners and Alberta Separatists.

Some on the right argue that of course Quebec is a have not nation because it is State Capitalist. The reality is that it is a basket case economy because it relied on years of Liberal cronyism both provincially and federally to remain a protectionist economy, despite promoting and embracing the FTA and NAFTA.

Liberalization of the economy will be fought by both the left and the crony capitalist ruling class as it is not in their mutual interests to change. It is the last basition of classical captialist industrialism in Canada.

Showing that without a truly Pan-Canadian industrial policy Quebec will remain a basket case economy, asking for handouts while producing massive surplus value.

RBC forecasts slower economic growth for Quebec

RBC notes that for Quebec, as the most reliant province on the manufacturing sector, the stronger Canadian dollar brings some challenges to many of these industries, specifically high-tech and electrical products, machinery manufacturing, primary and finished textiles and clothing, transportation equipment, paper, furniture and wood products. Combined, these industries make up over two-thirds of Quebec's GDP and about 400,000 workers. In addition, export sensitivities exist particularly in industries exposed to the coming slowdown in North American housing and auto markets. Another area for concern is the impact of aggressive competition in the U.S. from low-wage countries like China and India, in industries such as textiles and clothing, furniture and fixtures and machinery, in which Quebec has traditionally been strong.

Canada Economic Development -- The Economy of Quebec

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