Sunday, June 18, 2006

Whose Priority?

Firearm Centre Abatement Minister Vic Towes was on QP today.

Tories confident that gun registry bill will pass

"The long-gun registry is by far and away the biggest issue in many ridings in Western Canada," Toews said.

Uh huh, oh really...could have fooled me. I thought the environment and health care were the top priorities. Vic Toews is lying again.

Of course the P3 failure which is the Federal Canadian Fire Arms Registry is an issue for Vic and the folks he talks to, cause thats all they talk about. He goes to carefully staged rallies, ala George W., with the political faithful. He admit that on QP this morning. Went to some rural BBQ's (can you say fundraiser?) and he was approached by folks whose main concern was the Long Gun Registry.

"We know that it is important to a lot of our constituents. What our constituents want us to do is make an honest attempt to repeal that legislation."
Really because polls show just the opposite:

Nearly half, or 49 per cent, of those surveyed said they want the government to maintain the hand gun and long-gun registries and put more money toward hiring police, while 45 per cent said they want the long-gun registry dismantled and greater funds put toward hiring more police officers.

Oh yeah and he is lying when he says this;

"I think people understand it has been an incredible waste of money, that it hasn't helped police forces"
Really someone should tell the police associations that. The Tories have selective hearing, sort of like Saddam Hussien, when it comes to the Firearms Registry. And crime in general. It's the contradicition of being the party of law and order. Civil libertarian issues are squashed unless they are embraced by the social conservatives like the issue of firearms. Of course as the party of law and order they can't take libertarian positions on marijuana, sex, same sex marriage, etc.

And of course arms sales by Canada makes it the fourth largest arms dealer in the world. Now that wouldn't happen to have anything to do with this would it?
Gun lobby trading favours with the feds?

Diemaco - Canada

Para-Ordnance Manufacturing Inc - Canada
Lessons From The North: Canada's Privatization Of Military Ammunition Production

And besides gunrunners who don't have to register themselves, well there is always those other rednecks who lobby against the Firearms Registry but put out bucks for hunting licenses.

Robert Pye, communications co-ordinator with the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, said Wednesday’s announcement was a huge step for law-abiding gun owners. Prime Minister Stephen Harper had previously promised the federation he would repeal the registry. “They’re setting the table for legislations that going forward will ultimately kill the gun registry,” Pye said.

In the Orwellian speak of the Conservatives the Long Gun Registry is apparently not to be confused with the Federal Firearms Registry. Some how through the use of legislation the Tories will make a precision surgical removal of the long gun/shot gun portion of the registry while keeping all the rest and transfering it lock stock and barrel to the RCMP. Whose sense of sharing knowledge with other police departments is only out down by CSIS.

Along with lying Vic likes to besmirch Vancouver and B.C. as the criminal Sodom and Gommorah of Canada. Nothing better when you are making up facts then to point the finger somewhere else. And social conservatives know that Vancouver is a virtual Dante's Inferno of sinners and leftists.

The Fire Arms Registry legislation as well as legislation overturning Same Sex Marriage will be put forward in the fall. Only to go down in flames. Leaving political pundits to speculate on a snap fall election.

Oh joy not only do we suffer the stupidity of a Minority Government determined to follow through on its political PR; their five priorities (The Contract On Canada) including those which they know will fail. But they insist on acting like they are the majority in the House, arrogance shared by the previous government.

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