Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Iraq and Blogs Killed Lieberman

The victory of Ned Lamont over Joseph I. Lieberman, a three-term senator and former vice presidential candidate, was a vivid demonstration of how the Iraq war is buffeting American politics and of the deep hostility toward President Bush among Democrats. It also suggested there are stiff anti-status-quo winds blowing across the political landscape as the fall elections approach. Mr. Lamont's victory marked the first time that liberal political blogs, after playing an increasingly noisy role in Democratic politics, have been associated with a major winning campaign, suggesting a moment of arrival for this new force in political combat. And the outcome will also undoubtedly prod other Democrats who supported the war - albeit with less gusto than Mr. Lieberman - to step farther away from the increasingly unpopular conflict.News Analysis: A referendum on Iraq policy

True, true, but it was also Lieberman's unfailing support for Bush and Bush's war that really did him in. Lieberman Praises Bush, Chides Kerry

Of course he promises to be a spoiler, since he is a spoilsport. Lieberman concedes to Lamont, vows to run in November

Of course the other Democrat Senator that is a Chicken Hawk is Hillary, and this does not bode well for her non-Presidential run in 08. Democrats' fury at war may sink Hillary Clinton

Which leaves the race open for the reborn, remade, Al Gore. It's ok Al, time to come in from the wilderness. Joe Lieberman Loss Equals President Al Gore?

So fellow bloggers let it not be said that we have little real influence in the world that is beyond this screen. Just ask Joe. The Unmaking of a Senator: How Bloggers Staged an Upset

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