Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Whales Were Not Always Vegans

So much for the theory that veganism is natural........even vegan whales began as carnivores......then as their food sources changed to plankton, which became more plentiful, they evolved into vegans. Sort of like our urban human vegans who have more vegetable/fruit choices thanks to mass consumer culture; the agribusiness and supermarkets, they love to hate.

By Elli Leadbeater

Image: Royal Society/R. Start, Museum of Victoria
The whale used large eyes to hunt prey (Image: R Start, Museum of Victoria)
Palaeontologists have discovered a bizarre whale fossil in Australia with a set of fearsome teeth.

The specimen has surprised scientists because it belongs to the group known as baleen whales.

Modern day baleen whales are all placid, plankton eaters, but the new fossil shows the group were not always the ocean's gentle giants.

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