Friday, September 01, 2006

Kinsella Accuses NDP of Blood Libel

The International Court in the Hague has decreed that Israels Security Wall is a breach of international law. It is illegal.

It seems this point has been missed by Mssrs. Kinsella and Stephen Taylor who are all agog that someone, the NDP, would dare call it for what it is an 'aparthied' wall.

Ok boys how's this if aparthied is too strong for you why don't we call it the New Berlin Wall. Is that anti-semitic? Probably since for Kinsella any criticism of Israel is deemed anti-semitic.

In his National Post cloumn( titled The War Room) Kinsella called the NDP resolutions a "blood libel". Blood libel is pretty strong stuff since it refers to the accusation by Medieval christians that Jews kidnapped and murdered children for their rites. So the NDP resolutions are being called anti-semitic and equated with blood libel by Kinsella.

The NDP’s 22nd biennial convention is set for September in Quebec City, and the inquisitive Tory blogger, Stephen Taylor, has obtained a copy of party resolutions. From the Trinity-Spadina NDP, a demand that “the NDP campaign for an end to the rule of [Israeli] apartheid laws…” From the party’s Quebec wing, a resolution calling for the NDP to “demolish the apartheid wall and [halt] targeted murders.” More than anything else, these expressions of enmity are sad. They suggest that, unlike the Americans – whose politics we frequently deride – some of us have not recognized that a vibrant Middle Eastern policy debate is possible without stooping to epithets and blood libels.

As for claims by Steve Janke, that some how Stephen Taylor 'leaked' NDP resolutions, leaked implies secrecy. Well the resolutions are available to any member of the NDP attending the convention. So no big secret there folks. They are publicly available. Not like they were hidden away under lock and key like the PM's Saskatchewan itinery.

And yes in case you forgot Stephen, Steve and Warren in many ridings at the grass roots the NDP has a socialist base. And the last time I checked the left opposed Israels illegal occupation of Palestine, its violations of international law, and its illegal aparthied wall, opps sorry Berlin Wall, across the occupied territories.

It is called Anti-Imperialism. But to these toadies that is equivalent to anti-semitism. Give your head a shake.

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