Friday, September 01, 2006

Pro War Bloggers Bash Layton

It doesn't matter if they belong to the Progressive Bloggers or Blogging Tories pro-war dweebs share a common view that the NDP announcement about Pulling Our Troops out of Afghanistan is....wait for it...appeasement....of course one expects this from the BT's but coming from so called Progressive Blogs, opps sorry thats right the PB's include Liberals. And these blogging Liberals are anything but progressive as these blog posts show.

Layton On The War

Support our troops? Then give Jack Layton money

Maybe they should move over to BT and join the chorus there.

Of course none of these pro war types have the guts to call for Total War

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Lord Kitchener's Own said...

You're partially right. I think an argument can definitely be made that a policy of pulling out of Afghanistan and abandoning the people there to the Taliban isn't technically "appeasement".

But negotiating with the Taliban?

If that's not "appeasement" has the definition changed recently?

eugene plawiuk said...

The Karzai government is already dealing and negotiating with the Taliban, as it is with the various tribale warlords who are not already in the government.
This is the point folks forget. The other issue is that what is defined as Taliban may or may not be, as the SW corner of Afghan Pakistan border region contains various tribal elements.
The fact is the Karzai government, the city State of Kaul, is isolated without regional representation.
this representation currently are the very war lords we are fighting.
So negotiations have already occured.
They need to continue.
BTW the Karzai government has declared itself not a democracy or even a capitalist state but an Islamic Government.
With all the retrograde thinking that entails..Taliban lite if you like

Scott Tribe said...

I dont know why you're surprised at some of the Liberal bloggers responses, Eugene. We went to Afghanistan after all under the Chretien government at a time when the solid majority of Canadians felt it the right thing to do. That some of them disagree with a total pullout is understandable.

Even I have some misgivings about pulling the troops completely and leaving Afghaistan at the mercy of the Taliban possibly regrouping. I think we need to re-think what our mission is over there and how to achieve it.. but I'm not convinced pulling out unilaterally is the answer.

PS - your page still loads enormously slow - even for somoene like me with a 5meg DSL connection. I think the large amounts of external links you have on the site is contributing to that.