Thursday, August 31, 2006

PMO Secrecy Over Gas

After a couple of days of dealing with communication officials in the Prime Minister's Office, I'm rediscovering the value of a good sense of humour in politics. For instance, consider this knee-slapper Monday from one of Harper's communication officials to one of my colleagues on the purpose of Harper's visit: "What you see on (the Prime Minister's itinerary) advisory is what we want you to know. If we're not telling you, we don't want you to know."

And what was so important about the Harpers visit to Saskatchewan? that it had to be kept under wraps?
Discussion of the future of the Canadian Wheat Board? Nope.
Equalization? Nope.
A Visit with Kate at SDA? Nope.
It was a taxpyer funded trip to do a cameo on Corner Gas the CTV comedy filmed in Saskatchewan.

Now considering how upset Tories get with federal funding of the arts, one would think that paying for all that jet fuel and security, just to do a walk on would be a bit much. But I guess they are trying to prove that Harper has a sense of humour.

Well we knew he did remember this;

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