Monday, July 17, 2006

The Truth Will Set You Free

Rusty Idols hits the nail on the head over the whole crisis in the Middle East.

"The occupied territories and Lebanon are two of the few democratic states in the Moslem world - what we say we want to happen. Now the Palestinians are being punished for voting the wrong way and Lebanon, an urbane secular democracy is being pounded into gravel. Coincidently just as it's economy was starting to recover enough to make it a competitor to Israel."

Like the war in Serbia, which was an attempt to force that reclariant State Capitalist regime to privatize, the American Empire and its corporate interests do not want freedom or democracy in the Middle East. They want a 'free market', which is neither, what it is actually is the freedom for Halliburton to get contracts that would normally go to Bin Laden Inc.

Lebanon and Palestine are economic competitors with Israel, the decision to build the so called security wall, the Berlin Wall by any other name, had more to do with destroying Palestinian
agrarian villages, olive and orange groves their major source of export production, as it had to do with keeping terrorists out of Israel.

All war is captalist expansion by any other name. In the case of Israel it wants to remain the dominant capitalist regime in the region.It will bomb its competitors out of business.

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