Friday, September 01, 2006

How To Create Terrorists

Those who claim that terrorism or what it really is; armed struggle, armed resistance to the armed/terrorist State, is somehow a creature that arises spontaenously for no reason....well here is exactly why groups pick up the gun when confronting a police/army controled state.

Bugti killing: Pak army braces for protests

The killing of Nawab Akbar Bugti during an army operation has not only destabilized Balochistan but has also isolated President Musharraf and his army.
The incident has not just shocked civil society and the media but also prominent members of the ruling PML party, who have publicly expressed grief over the Nawab's death.

Despite widespread condemnation the Pakistan President has vowed that the military operation in Balochistan will continue till all "miscreants" are eliminated.

However, others think that this will only lead a spiral of violence.

"This will have more reactions. Those who talked of democracy will be pushed to the back and people will take to the gun," said Hasil Bizenjo, Secretary General, National Party, Balochistan.

In the last few days, the Baloch Student Organization has been in the forefront of political agitation against the killing of Nawab Bugti.

They have been involved in the violent riots that followed, and hundreds of their members have been arrested.

Till last week, they were affiliated with Baloch nationalist parties but now they have broken away and taken to the path of violence.

"At the moment BSO does not have any affiliation with anyone. They say that we should go to the Parliament of Pakistan and we say no because we cannot achieve our goals through parliamentary politics. We do not trust in this Parliament."

"We do not believe in violence and neither have we taken to the path of violence so far. We are being pressurized now and all doors are being closed upon us," said Fahim Baloch, Member, Baloch Student Organization.

And might this have anything to do with economics, in this case petro-economics...all war is about capitalist expansion as I have said before.

Bugti, nicknamed the "Tiger of Baluchistan", was killed on August 26 during an assault on his hideout in the remote hills of gas-rich Baluchistan. His death sparked violent protests this week across Pakistan's poorest and least populated province.

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I have gone to your site very interesting and I look forward to your comment as I see you have also published the Baluchistan and the Coming Iran War
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