Monday, September 04, 2006

The Real Labour Day

Every day is multi-national corporation day in the U.S. Even the supposed Labor Day in September has evolved into another excuse for department store sales and other venues of consumerism.

My Blahg has posted the 'official' history of Labour Day.

Peter J. McGuire
, a bosom buddy of Samuel Gompers in the American Federation of Labour, introduced Labour Day, in order to counter the commies, anarchists, socialist workers in the labour movement who celebrated the real Labour Day; May Day.

Labour Day was typical of the Craft Union movement who share more in common with the bosses then they ever did with 'unskilled', black, immigrant and women workers. Scratch a 'trade' unionist and you find a skilled worker who just wants to be the boss. The revolutionary workers movement and its unions like the IWW continue the tradition of celebrating the real labour day.

As for this Labour Day here are the usual platitudes from the labour fakers.

Labour Day message: Workers built Canada; they and their unions help keep it strong

Labour Day message from the Ontario Federation of Labour

CAW President Buzz Hargrove's 2006 Labour Day Message: Made In Canada Matters

Will labour ever have its day?

Labour Day launch for final bid to win a Canadian anti-scab law

How is working life on this Labour Day?

CLC’s 50th anniversary

Tony Martin’s Labour Day Message

And the stories about working people and working in Canada, remember us, we create all the wealth.

We call it Labour Day for a reason -- workers started it

Back to the grindstone

Labour Day doesn't work anymore

Income share down but job security grows

Canadian workers this Labour Day are basking in the greatest job security most have ever known, thanks to record levels of employment and an unemployment rate that is hovering near a more than 30-year low of just 6.4 per cent.

Yet, their share of the income pie has been shrinking, and still is.

In contrast, the share of national income going to profits has been rising and now is hovering near an all-time high.

The real meaning of Labour Day should be:

Fire Your Boss and take control of the means of production.

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