Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tories Strike Out

So the Harpocrites want to introduce another American innovation into Canada, the Three Strikes law. Which has not reduced crime but increased the Prison Industrial complex in the U.S.

Those who would pass such laws should have to abide by them.

Strike One

"Why did the prime minister make misleading statements about Conservative party donations and possible illegal fundraising practices that the parliamentary secretary cannot possibly defend in the House?" asked Liberal Leader Bill Graham. The controversy over the fundraising rules stems from the 2005 Conservative party convention. This spring, the party revealed it had not declared delegate convention fees as political donations as other parties do, defending the omission by saying the convention did not make a profit.

Strike Two

Also Wednesday, the Tories were asked to respond to charges the party is favouring former insiders who are now lobbying government. A member of the team that helped Harper make the transition into government was later given a contract to do public relations work on the Accountability Act. A report said she submitted a bill for $13,462.

Strike Three

Opposition politicians were also fired up over revelations that the name of a reporter who was seeking information under the Access to Information Act was divulged to Harper's office.

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DazzlinDino said...

The "three strike rule" isn't intended to help prisoners in my opinion. It is there to keep dangerous offenders off the streets and keep the public safe.

What is to be gained by the continual early release of people who are going to re-offend, usually more violent with every episode?

Strike one - more of the depressing reality of Canadian politics.

Strike two - I would by into this one if someone could prove to me she wasn't the best person for the job.

Strike three - Same as strike one.

Politics sucks...

eugene plawiuk said...

'prisoners' like 'criminals' are terms used by police when 'civilians' like you or me get busted. There but by the grace of god....and the next time a cop breaks the law, parks without paying, illegal search and seizure, etc. you bust them and see what happens.

Its a stupid law aimed at those whose major crime is poverty, the inability to hire high priced lawyers, or to be rich enough to commit white collar crimes.

As for Strike Two John Baird fired her. So she wasn't the best person for the job. It was a patronage plumb.