Friday, September 08, 2006

Canada Has Been Branded Tory

Tory rebranding labelled propaganda

Like the rebranding of Coca-Cola as New Coke, the Harper government is instructing some public servants to use the term "Canada's New Government" instead of the traditional "Government of Canada."

For months, the phrase has been cropping up in the government's official communications, appearing on websites and news releases regarding child-care benefits, a tax-relief plan, a women's rugby tournament and even debt-forgiveness for Cameroon. But an e-mail sent Tuesday to employees in Natural Resources Canada suggests the stylistic change is official.

"As per the minister's office, effective immediately, and until further notice, the words 'Canada's New Government' are to be used instead of 'the Government of Canada' in all departmental correspondence," said the memo from the manager of the executive documents and appointments unit in the department's strategic policy branch.

Ohh like this you mean ............

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the old Government of Canada and the New Government of Canada.....

This has got to be the most inane thing the Harpocrites have done to date. Attempting to rebrand the Government in their image as if the Government was a particular political party instead of a system of Parliamentary Governance. Too Republican for me thanks.....I guess the Tories forget that this too shall pass.....Their term in office that is.........Come to think of it they are doing exactly what the accused the Liberals of doing, making the Government their own, as if the Liberal Party and the Government were the same thing.....ah well it takes one to know one....

Oh no they really are doing this.....


Canada's New Government Delivers on its Child Care Promise!

The Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB), which provides parents with more choice in child care, came into effect on July 1. Beginning on July 20, 2006, Canadian parents started receiving monthly cheques for $100, for each child under six. Over 90 per cent of parents received UCCB cheques automatically as they are already enrolled in the Canada Child Tax Benefit. To find out if you are pre-registered for the UCCB, please click here.

Even if your family is not yet registered, you can apply any time and receive payments retroactively up to 11 months from your date of application.

and lookee here

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