Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Ted Morton Goes Federal

Another made in Alberta policy,is now being promoted by the New Government in Ottawa. In this case a bill originally put to the Alberta Legislature by our very own ex-pat American Republican Ted Morton who is running for Ralphs job.

Now his homophobic legislation has become policy for the Harpocrites.....
Tories plan to protect same-sex opponents

Morton not satisfied with being the right wing opportunist in the small pond of Alberta politics is lobbying for this legislation across Canada. Morton, religious groups unite to fight same-sex marriage

Morton had a hand in the recent funding cuts to the Court Challenge program as well. He has been and remains Harpers emenece de gris.

Even if he doesn't get Ralph's job, Morton is a clear and present danger to civil liberties and libertarian ideals in Canada.

He was after all a Senator in waiting. His vision has always been focused on using Alberta as the base for a conservative assaut on Canadian liberal social democratic values. His current leadership campaign in Alberta is getting funding and support from Tory insiders across Canada, as part of the movement to reshape Canadian politics to look more like Amerika.

As I have said before wake up Canada, Ottawa has moved to Alberta.

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1 comment:

catnip said...

Good post. Albertans need to be very aware of what Morton is up to and how much of a threat he is to human rights.