Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Misuse of Acid

Once agian the State misuses a non-toxic, non-narcotic, psychohallucinogen that they ban the public from accessing. As the CIA had in the fifties and sixties. And folks think this is unusual, outrageous, they couldn't possibly do this in this day and age....LSD Mystery: In 2002, Justice Dept. OK'd Dosing Detainees

To his credit the editor at TPM couldn't believe it either but he did uncover the Justice department documents approving it. Where I diasgree with his article is in the proposition that the U.S. Government used PCP. This is too powerful a somatic disruptor, and its psychohallucenogenic properities are too unpredictable.

I would suspect given the ease of manufacture they would use MMDA derivatives (X, exstacy).

The American state misuses LSD and then creates lies about its negative impacts to create fear in the public.

Tim Leary
laughs from beyond the grave.
Its the same old scenario with the same old players.





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