Thursday, October 05, 2006

Play Nice

Rice To Iraq: Settle Differences Ohh, that's talking tough. Play nice says Condi.

However as Rice in her splendid isolation inside the Green Zone has tea with the Iraqi leadership the streets of Baghad run red with blood.

The heavily fortified Green Zone in Baghdad, from where the United States indirectly administers most things Iraqi, seems to have caught the fancy of the Bush administration. It seems to be repeating in the rest of the Middle East the same isolation from its surroundings practiced in Iraq. This is evident in this week's trip to the region by US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who appears to be pursuing a fanciful strategy based on unrealistic American hopes rather than actual realities in the region.The troubling Green Zones of the U.S. mind

One hunderd people are killed daily. That means by the end of the year in Baghdad alone 36, 500 Iraqi's will have died. In July and August the UN reported the death toll in Baghad alone was 5,100 Iraqi civilians.

There is a civil war going on, fueled by the political decisions of the American Occupying forces by whom they support and don't support amongst the Shia and Sunni. And in their failure to organize a secular police force.
1,200 Iraqi cops suspended for suspected links to death squads

The only folks who are in denial over the Civil War in Iraq are the Americans. The insurrection is over, it succeeded in driving the Occupying Army out of Anbar province
. US intel report: Iraq's Anbar province 'politically lost'

All other attacks now are sectarian violence aided and abetted by the American puppet regime in Government.

A prime minister dependent on Shia radicals hesitates to control them
The dead are presumed to be the victims of sectarian death squads, most of which are linked to Shia militia groups, such as the Mahdi Army, but some to the Sunni insurgents. The victims are abducted from their homes or snatched at improvised checkpoints and frequently tortured (electric drills are supposed to be a trademark of the Shia groups). Sometimes a ransom is demanded but more often these days the kidnapped are murdered, either as part of a tit-for-tat cycle of vengeance or to drive away members of the other sect from contested areas. Slaughter in Baghdad

How many freelance militias are there in Baghdad? The answer is "23" according to a "senior [US] military official" in Baghdad - so write Richard A Oppel Jr and Hosham Hussein in the New York Times; but according to US National Public Radio, the answer is "at least 23". Antonio Castaneda of the Associated Press says there are 23 "known" militias. However you figure it, that's a staggering number of militias, mainly Shi'ite, but some Sunni, for one large city. Twenty-one reasons why Iraq is not working

Civilians in Baghadad cannot leave their homes. It doesn't matter if you build schools and hospitals if the population is too afraid to use them.

Attendance of patients to hospitals has dropped tremendously. Before the invasion, we used to see an average of 100 patients in our consultation clinic of rheumatology every single day. We don't see more than 20 nowadays. Don't ask me where the patients disappeared. Many are scared to leave their homes and go to the hospitals.

And that is the real terrorism. And it comes from the Americans destabilization of Iraq and their three year failure to create a new state.

-- The streets of Baghdad were mostly quiet Saturday, with the capital under total lockdown a day after U.S. troops arrested a bodyguard of a Sunni Arab political leader on suspicion of planning suicide bombings inside the fortified Green Zone.

The day-long curfew in this city of 7 million people was the first to ban both pedestrian and vehicle traffic since the U.S.-led invasion in 2003, underscoring the security concerns enveloping Baghdad. It was requested by U.S. military officials concerned about the surge in suicide bombings and other violence since the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan began last weekend.Baghdad Under Curfew After Upturn in Attacks

Leaving one to ask if this war has really left anyone better off.It hasn't and it is making Iraqi'slong for the past when they had running water, lights, and peaceful neighbourhoods. Somthing Americans have in their suburbs.

But then again this was never about freeing the people of Iraq, it was about making America safe by having a war in the Middle East. After 9/11 America decided it would declare around the world so that it could remain safe and secure from being attacked on its shores. No matter the cost.... in other peoples lives.

Iraqis were far better off under Saddam Hussein’s government than under a violent imperialist Occupation, supplemented with Gestapo-like force of death squads and criminal militias, and a U.S.-imposed puppet government of jackals. Iraq was a sovereign state with a sovereign government capable of protecting its citizens and investing heavily in health, education and social programs which contributed to the improvement of the well-being of Iraqi society at large. Foreign military ‘Occupation is the highest form of dictatorship’; it is Fascism. The overwhelming majority of the Iraqi population are against the Occupation.
Resistance And Liberation



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