Thursday, November 16, 2006

Assisted Suicide

Sleaze Crime reporter Nancy Grace has not yet been charged with aiding and abetting a suicide. Considering her outrageous style of accuasatory reporting, that all those accused of a crime are guilty, one would think she would have turned herself in already for the crime of bullying someone to death.

In 2006, Grace was involved in an incident reported heavily in US and international media when a 21 year old woman, Melinda Duckett, committed suicide following an interview given by Grace concerning the disappearance of Duckett's 2 year old son.

Duckett had reported her son missing to police on August 27 having finished watching a film, telling them that she returned to her son's room to find his bed empty and a 10in slit in a window screen in his room.

Grace had interviewed Duckett the day before her suicide, during which she banged her desk and attacked Duckett for her perceived lack of openness regarding her son's disappearance, asking Duckett "Where were you? Why aren't you telling us where you were that day?"[3] Duckett appeared to become confused, and was unsure if she had taken a polygraph test. When Grace asked her "why" she had not given out specific details, Duckett began to reply "Because I was told not...", to which Grace responded "Ms Duckett, you are not telling us for a reason. What is the reason? You refuse to give even the simplest facts of where you were with your son before he went missing. It is day twelve..." Grace then allowed Duckett a reply before cutting to a media psychologist.

The next day, Duckett shot herself to death, a death which relatives claim was influenced by media scrutiny, especially from Grace.Speaking to the The Orlando Sentinel, Duckett's grandfather Bill Eubank said, "Nancy Grace and the others, they just bashed her to the end... She wasn't one anyone ever would have thought of to do something like this. She and that baby just loved each other, couldn't get away from each other.



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1 comment:

Michelle from Madison said...

Nancy Grace continue to victimize victims out there and needs to be stopped. Nancy has no idea what it is like to be a victim of a crime since she has never been a victim of any crime herself. Contrary to what she claims though. Her fiance was a victim of a crime, but not Nasncy. Hence, her whole portayl is mute, it is all a lie. Nancy needs some time in prison for the crimes she continues against victims of crimes. Someday, she WILL get that. It is only a matter of time. Look, another lawsuit is scheduked against nancy.That happens about 8 times every year, and most Plaintiff's win more than they initiatially sue for. Go get 'er Ducketts!!!!!!!!!!!