Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Right Against Right

The plan to create an intergrated Free Trade Zone of North America is supported in Canada by the Right Wing, in particluar members of the New Government of Canada and their allies in the Canadian CEO lobby under Thomas d'Aquino and by rigth wing provincial governments like Alberta. In the U.S. however it is the right wing that is opposed to deep integration between, Canada, Mexico and the United States. Ironic ain't it.

In October, Tancredo demanded the United States suspend work on the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) signed last year by Canada, Mexico and The United States until Congress examines its goals and agreements, which include standardizing regulations and dismantling other barriers to trade.

The deal to collaborate on a wide range of trade and security issues is part of a larger plot to merge the countries in a European Union-like arrangement using a common currency, he said, with no oversight from legislators.

A coalition of American conservatives is organizing a grassroots effort to make it an issue in the 2008 presidential race and vow to campaign against any candidate, Republican or Democrat, who won't side with them.

The movement was spearheaded in October by Howard Phillips, chairman of the public policy group Conservative Caucus, anti-feminist activist Phyllis Schlafly and author Jerome Corsi.

The group is calling for a congressional investigation into the SPP and full disclosure of all documents when the new Congress run by Democrats begins in January. They're getting support from the Minuteman Project that monitors the borders to deter illegal crossings, a group Bush has called vigilantes.

Supporters of the anti-union stand point out that a prominent three-country task force backed by Canada's business elite has promoted an elaborate vision of a common economy and security perimeter.

The plan, released last year, drew fire from some Canadians who saw it as a dangerous surrender of sovereignty designed to benefit big business.

Of course in Canada the opposition to this accord comes predominately from the nationalist left.

I await the political confusion and chaos amongst the Blogging Tories who slavisly imitate their Republican idols south of us, as to whether they will support the interests of Canadian Business or their ideological counterparts. Place your wagers.

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1 comment:

Tetoine said...

Great post !

Here in quebec, the right-wing considers SPP like another regular meeting between Harper, Bush and Calderon.

(your link in italic is broken)