Thursday, November 09, 2006

Three Blind Mice

Stem cells let blind mice see again Now if only they could make right wingers see the truth. Embryonic stem cells are neccasary for research.

Contrary to the right wing assertion that adult stem cells can be used instead.
Quotes on the Missouri stem cell measure

They are not as effective as embryonic stem cells.

Stem Cells Could Help Restore Vision

"But there's a catch," he adds. "If this scenario were to be applied to humans, one would have to obtain newly generated [photoreceptor] rods from the state of development comparable to postnatal days 3-7 in the mouse [as in the study].

"This is likely to be in the second trimester [in humans] and is clearly not feasible," writes Reh. Harvesting such cells would mean taking them from a fetus or aborted fetus three to six months into a pregnancy.

However, recent research suggests it might be possible to generate such cells from human embryonic stem cell lines under the right conditions.

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