Thursday, November 09, 2006

Goose and Gander

Spot the contradicition. Right wing blogging Tories support Alberta Seperatism but call Quebec Nationalists traitors. Hmm whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

Separatists are traitors.
08-11-06, 6:50 pm @ Gperson
If you support a movement or group which does promote the separation of citizens from this country based on language ethnic or cultural reasons you are a traitor not to mention racist and hate criminal and should be stripped of your Canadian citizenship. The Natives in Quebec did offer to support Quebec's sovereignty movement if Quebec

The difference between Quebec seperatism and Alberta Seperatism? Quebec is a French Nation, Alberta is an Oil Nation. The former offends the english chauvinists in Ontario. The latter meets with their approval cause Alberta folks are WASPS.

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Larry Gambone said...

Hey, thats why we call em Harpocrits! But seriously, when the Quisling Party is reduced to an Alberta rump in the next General Erection, look for a sharp rise in Alberta Separatism. This tactic - of a resource rich province trying to go "independent" (Ie closer to the US) - is also being used against the Bolivians and the Venezuelans.

eugene plawiuk said...

Good connection there between Alberta and the 'autonomy' movement of the richest province, and the province of the rich in Bolivia. The rich want seperation just as they always have. That is why they built their homes on the hills above the poor. And why America has gated communities.

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...


I've never bothered to be so trite as to refer to Quebec separatists as traitors. The entire French race on this side of the pond are traitors, and they have been since Colonel Lawrence gave them an offer they were too traitorous to accept in '75.

What Quebec separatists are are mere idiots. Forgetting that Canada is bankrolling their relapsed Catholic socialist science experiment, and forgetting the oft-quoted line that if language is so important Newfoundland should separate first, the entire idea of Quebec nationhood is out and out bunk. Excepting the language their U.N. Ambassador speaks, there is nothing in the "Quebec nation" fundamentally different than would occur in the "Canadian nation". Quebec would basically inherit the (British) Canadian Criminal Code unedited, have the same French civil law they always have had, and the same nanny-state intrusions and programs.

Which is why its so unintentionally hilarious when Ottawa tries to lure Quebec into the fold to steal a social program or two. If the separatists could have been stopped by just making Canada more like Quebec in their Rene-Levesque-sized graven image, separatism would have died the day that rat bastard PET took the reigns on Parliament Hill (rather than, as one may not, starting on that same day).

Alberta, on the other hand, has a culture actually different than the one in Toronto suburbs: free trade all around, guns for everyone, and we might as well annex B.C. to keep things interesting. At the end of the day an independent Alberta is economically better off than as a subservient province. Even wacko leftists end up having a personal stake in this: more of your own money to give to PETA at the end of the day or spend on those $14.75 small cups of "Fair Trade Coffee". A country that is different than the one that it left: a country that is better. Surely this sort of unfair advantage Alberta Separatists possess justifies a small amount of hyperbole these days. If it helps, we can get Lucien Bouchard to explain it to them. said...

Nice straw man!

Perhaps you should have mentioned that the person you call a supporter of Alberta separatism is actually a Canadian living in Ontario.

I am not a separatist. I am pro-Alberta independence. There is a difference you won't understand, but it does give you another word to misspell.

And as I support Alberta's independence, I support Quebec's sovereignty movement.

Oh, I am not a WASP, either. Perhaps you shouldn't stereotype about people's ethnic backgrounds or religious beliefs, bigot.