Thursday, November 09, 2006

Polyamory Is Good For The Genes

But bad for the males. But with multiple partners it is likely more male babies would survive to replace them. While it is not truly polyamory it is the earliest form of polgamy, that of polyandry where a female has many mates. It is also the form of human sexual relations in what Engels called primitive communist societies.

Free loving mums have healthier babies

Promiscuous females are more likely to give birth to fitter offspring than their monogamous sisters, an Australian study shows.

Paternity tests showed that the sperm of some males was far more successful than others, and most importantly, that babies fathered by these males were twice as likely to survive, said Fisher.

Despite the advantages to the species from free love, males usually died due to exhaustion and aggressive encounters with other males after a single, torrid mating season.

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